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Returning home from the funeral of his last, oldest friend, character actor Johannes Fassbinder falls asleep and is awakened by someone he saw at the funeral—a young woman who handcuffs him, points a gun filled with silver bullets at him, and asks him if he is guilty of murdering her great-grandfather, and if so, why he did it. 

His answer involves telling her his life story... which involves garlic, secrets, mist, Berlin, Yiddish, old-time radio shows, Broadway, revenge, and a lot of Hollywood B-movies... 

And blood. A lot of blood. 

But blood, by itself, is never enough... 

Something More Than Blood is a well-crafted, fast-paced story of a fresh-faced young German farm boy who volunteers to serve his country in the Great War, and get a lot more - and worse - than he bargained for. In the process of going from naive young "soldat" Johannes Fassbinder to becoming an undead-B movie actor - stage name Lykan Fuller -- we follow a man who wanders through some wild and weird places -- Weimar Germany, Depression Era USA, Hollywood -- and copes with his unsought fate while surrounded by people who often seem less human than he is.

The writing is tight, the dialogue crisp, the settings pitch-perfect, and the plot compelling. Barbara Lien-Cooper and Park Cooper have written a vampire tale with lot of chills, but also sad insights, and a few chuckles of recognition along the way. I enjoyed it, and you will, too. It's a welcome addition to the horror bookshelf.

--Lou Antonelli, 2013 Sidewise Award finalist, and author of Fantastic Texas

Barb Lien-Cooper and Park Cooper have written a rather wonderful book called SOMETHING MORE THAN BLOOD. If you're a horror fan, a vampire fan, or just a fan of good writing, this is a book you must read. With touches of Anne Rice, a dash of Stephen King and an occasional humorous touch, it's one of the most enjoyable reads I've had all year. It's basically the life story of one Johannes Fassbinder, a character actor who is more or less held at gunpoint while he's forced to tell the story of his life to a young woman who thinks he 's the "creature" who murdered her great-great-grandfather. And what a story he tells her, a sprawling epic that takes in classic Hollywood lore, Broadway shows, and vampiric carnage. And, oh, yes, Fassbinder just happens to be a vampire--the woman's gun is filled with silver bullets. I don't want to give too much away, but SOMETHING MORE THAN BLOOD is a book you can really sink your teeth into!

--Bruce Hallenbeck, author, Monsters of New York: Mysterious Creatures in the Empire State, The Hammer Vampire: British Cult Cinema (with Jimmy Sangster) and Hammer Fantasy & Sci Fi: British Cult Cinema (with Martine Beswick)

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Previous news: Our new novel, PICARESQUE, is now available from Amazon!


The word “picaresque” describes a humorous story concerning the on-the-road adventures of a clever rogue or rogues, often operating in a corrupt society; The Prisoner of Zenda, Tom Jones, and Candide are classic examples of this genre.

When court jester Reginald was in prison awaiting execution for telling a very ill-timed joke he made in front of the king, he made a couple of new friends: Hobart the magician and his patient, Sunny, an elf who has something very dangerous wrong with her mind.

On the run, they ally themselves with a few others who haven't yet found their place in the world:
--the world's greatest 8-year-old thief
--the world's only female knight
--the world's only talking dog

To all appearances, they've become just a group of traveling performers, but over time, they (and Hobart's mentor, who no longer has a body because he accidentally got trapped in a spell he cast to help him spy on the local ladies) become a crack team of spies for the desert City-State of Caravanserai.

Reginald's letters to his superior, Nina (thrust into an executive position after one of Reginald's early reports seemed to drive Reginald's previous superior insane) tell the tales of his and his group's efforts to outwit and otherwise foil hecklers, bandits, a troll with a fiendish plan for world conquest, the people's glorious revolution... and, when they accidentally stumble upon the source of all the monsters in the world, a very large dragon.

But more importantly, Picaresque tells the tale of Reginald's brave and often-apparently-hopeless quest to talk his employer, Nina, into going on a date with him.

Picaresque is a comedic fantasy novel from Wicker Man Studios, the creators of Half Dead, the vampire graphic novel published by Marvel Comics and Dabel Brothers Productions, and Gun Street Girl (www.gun-street-girl.com).


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