Gun Street Girl


Chapter Twenty: Occam's Razor
If you're going to hire Liz and Eddie for a job, there are certain protocols you should consider, and threatening them isn't on that list.

Chapter Ninteen: King of the Whole Wide World
A hard night of partying leads a young woman to Max's place, Eddie, and a revelation that may very well change her life.

Chapter Eighteen: The Magic Wand
Sometimes Eddie's full of it, but there are times a certain young blond Gun should really listen to her boss. Especially when it comes to magical items.

Chapter Seventeen: Always Someone Better
Even though we've only met a few guns, there's a lot of them running around London besides Liz. Liz is about to meet another one...one of the best ones, actually, and she's not likely to forget it.

Chapter Sixteen: World of Wonders
Prana's quiet evening is rudely interrupted by Liz and Eddie with a surprise in tow, one which could result in untold destruction (though, really, what other kinds of surprises are there?)

Chapter Fifteen: Cathat
Liz gets a lesson from Eddie on why one shouldn't play with items when one doesn't know what they are, especially when one happens to be in a magic shop.

Chapter Fourteen: Any World I'm Welcome To
Life's full of hard choices, and Ebby's had to make plenty. A letter from someone in her past may be just the thing she needs to pick herself up.

Chapter Thirteen: Holidays are the Hardest...
Eddie tells a story about the holidays as only he can.

Chapter Twelve: December Will Be Magic Again
Eddie's journey into the confident magician he is today was a long one and his first steps weren't always in the right direction.

Chapter Eleven: Foster Home
Liz and Prana go out for a day of shopping but run into a mysterious new figure who could prove to be quite a bit of trouble for our heroine.