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Barb Lien-Cooper & Park Cooper

Barb is originally from Minnesota. She was a radio DJ for a while in college, and then she grew up to become a guitarist/singer-songwriter and got an album put out on the Imp label. However, she also had health issues: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia and extreme environmental sensitivities and allergies. (She also has Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to issues involving her family of origin.)

​For a while, brain fog from the CFS and the fibro made it harder for her to read long and involved works of fiction… So (since she’d always loved them in her childhood) she got into reading comics and graphic novels, particularly the comparatively avant-garde work coming out at that time from DC Comics.

Now we pop over to Park, in central Texas. Like Barb, Park also read comics (and a LOT of books) in his youth as well (a lot more sci-fi and fantasy books than Barb, and a lot more Marvel comics than Barb). Then he started college and said “I need an extra hobby or something. Maybe I’ll get back into comics again.” He started doing so, including reading the comparatively avant-garde work coming out at that time from DC Comics…

Then someone in the letter columns of the comic Sandman announced that they were doing a fanzine for readers of that comic. Barb and Park both wrote in.

Barb and Park became aware of one another… Park liked the writing Barb submitted to the fanzine, and he wrote to Barb, and they began writing to each other. Then they started talking on the phone… they fell in love… they started visiting one another…

Reader, they got married (to each other).

​Barb wrote for the award-winning website Sequential Tart, made by women about comics and other popular culture things, and Barb wrote a lot of reviews and articles (especially articles).

​Park and Barb had a column online for a now-defunct website entitled The Park and Barb show (about the same sorts of things) for 12 years…

​A little after they started those things, Barb started writing her comic Gun Street Girl…

​A little after that, they started adapting and editing manga for major American publishers importing manga (and sometimes their South Korean and Chinese counterparts) from the far side of the Pacific. Honestly, there were too many to keep track of… lots and lots of titles. Near the end of this, Barb and Park wrote the manga pitch The Hidden for TokyoPop, perfectly timed to appear the week that that company fell apart.

​Then Barb and Park wrote the sci-fi vampire graphic novel Half Dead.

Somewhere around this time, Park successfully completed his Ph.D. in literature, and then Barb and Park wrote the vampire prose novel Something More Than Blood.

​Eventually Park started writing his cyberpunk comic Swipe for Angry Viking Press.

​(You can read more about all of the above projects elsewhere on this website!)

​There were also other various short stories (and a novel, in one case) and non-manga-related editing jobs, too many to bother counting here…

​These days, Barb and Park live happily together in Austin, Texas.

A Message From Us

We love good stories (especially Relatoinship Dramas in Spooky Worlds!).

Like you, we understand the joy of reading a well-crafted story– but we also know the “ripped-off” feeling you get when you’ve spent money on a story that’s cliched or otherwise doesn’t meet your discriminating tastes in storytelling.

We know how offensive it is to read something that insults your intelligence, too. We believe that readers are smart– and deserving of works that treat you as an intelligent person.  

We write stories like we want to read: stories that are exciting and smart and character-driven.  

We’re like you– we hate characters who are dumber than we are, doing things that anyone in the real world would know are stupid. We hate stories where you know from page one exactly how it’ll end.  

We’ll try to give you plots that don’t make you groan when you read the plot summaries.

We’re crafting the kind of works that stay with you after you finish reading them.

We’re crafting the kind of books that you’ll want to read again when you’re done.

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