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Prose Novels

Wickerman Studios - song to the siren

Song to the Siren

Wickerman studios - the talking cure

The Talking Cure (Book 1)

Hungry Ghosts (Prose Novel)

Graphic Novels

Wickerman Studios - Hungry Ghosts - Graphic Novel

Hungry Ghosts

(Graphic Novel)

Wickerman Studios - Gun Street Girl - Volume 1

Gun Street Girl

Games and Game Accessories

Hi– Park here. And sure, Barb and I write prose novels and graphic novels, but I myself have also just recently started writing ttrpg (table-top role-playing-game) stuff, too. I’ve just put my first thing on the website, with other projects to come. I’m not asking for money for it– I just wanted to put it out there.

My first project is a light little game called MEMOS AND MONSTERS– a game about a fantasy apocalypse that was averted with a Wish spell… that turned the whole world into an office comedy.

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