The Talking Cure

Wickerman studios - the talking cure


* Zach Cutter claims he’s not really an antiques dealer as such, but that he’s really a supernatural investigator.

* Zach claims he’s got repressed memories, missing at least a year of his life, probably more.

* Zach claims he can do magic. Not stage magician magic– REAL magic.

* Zach claims he’s got FEELINGS for his new psychiatrist, Dr. Cynthia Mann.

* Zach claims a LOT of problematic things.

But they’re ALL TRUE.

After a disturbing case in New York made Dr. Cynthia Mann wonder if the supernatural might actually be real, she’s started her life and her practice all over again in Cleveland, where she meets a new patient, stranger than any she’s ever met before—and far more charming than anyone she’s ever met, too.

During the progress Zach makes as Cynthia’s patient, he tells her stories about his past, and their relationship slowly edges from a doctor-patient one to a friendship—and Zach clearly wouldn’t mind if it became more.

Together, Cynthia and Zach will have to find a way for him to get out of the trouble he stumbled into long ago…


“THE DRESDEN FILES Meets THE PRINCE OF TIDES. Paranormal with just the right hint of romance.”

–anonymous reader


“[A]n engaging and exhilarating paranormal read. . . a great job of world-building and infusing humor and wit . . . Captivating, heartfelt, and entertaining . . . Rating: 10/10”

–reviewer Anthony Avina


“5/5 stars . . . I really enjoyed this story . . . [Zach and Cynthia] have been through the dark . . . and perhaps they can help each other get to the other side. The cases . . . were very interesting indeed . . . And I absolutely love his car! (It is magical and so fantastic, though its story is so sad, I want to adopt it!) The humour is excellent, I had a few times where I laughed out loud. . . . The two authors are husband and wife, and I think they did well writing together.”

Amyah MapleBell, MapleBell Reviews